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Drivers of change and transformation in the private and public sector.

Our Commitment

Client satisfaction- This is our watchword for sustainable growth.

H.G & W is committed to delivering the highest level of client satisfaction in the consulting market. To support and achieve this goal, the firm has implemented a quality policy that is systematically applied to all its assignments.

Our client satisfaction policy is underpinned by the following components:

  • An organization structured around a Steering Committee responsible for the policy, and a network of local “Quality Champions”
  • A detection and control process for customer satisfaction risks, integrated into all the firm’s management mechanisms
  • An annual satisfaction survey conducted among existing and previous H.G & W clients
  • A compulsory customer satisfaction training course for all employees

Each employee is committed to applying the principles of the Satisfaction Client charter:

Assignment quality
Each assignment undertaken by the firm must deliver a response that completely satisfies the expectations of the client.

Value delivery:
As a consulting firm, H.G & W must provide its clients with guaranteed value.

Transparency and dialogue:
Our client must be able to engage in confidential dialogue with H.G & W at any time.

Active listening and action:
Any area in which full client satisfaction is not delivered must be analyzed, and corrective action taken wherever necessary.

Total Commitment:
An assignment is considered complete only when the client is fully satisfied.

Our Mission

To focus on organizational improvement across all industries and ensure that change objectives are fully achieved and sustainable.

Our Vision

We see ourselves as the Globally preferred partner in Management Consultancy for all industries and to our clients by becoming the most sought after partner for consulting.

Our Core Value

The H. G& W Values are strongly aligned to our Mission and Vision.

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