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Original Interligence:  Mindset for Understanding and Improving Organizational Effectiveness

17 September 2023

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With 5 International office locations, we provide local knowledge with global experience. From our internationals offices, we help our clients gain a competitive edge and unlock the full potential of their business. Our 29+ years experience spans many sectors including energy and the environment, mobility, financial services, healthcare and life sciences, supply chain and logistics, F&B as well as aerospace and defense.

Beyond our own subsidiaries, in 2015 we launched our global network that allows us to operate worldwide for our major customers by guaranteeing the same level of quality in all sectors.

H.G & W is driven by a commitment that sees us build innovative and sustainable solutions for all industries. Recognized as the global leader in operations and transformations, we demonstrate our values through diversity, equity, and inclusion and the mental health and well-being initiatives for our people. we are committed to developing sustainable and profitable solutions for our clients.

We turn our company’s purpose into action in three ways:

  1. Serve our clients by integrating purpose into their operations and having the highest enduring impact in each engagement
  2. Partner with purposeful organizations to impact positive change in our communities
  3. Help our people in their own purpose in an inclusive environment


Southbank 3006, Melbourne Australia
03 5955 5710

London Office:

Hertfordshire, England, UK. EN8 8LX
+44 7497 628153

Texas Office:

Austin, TX, USA
+1 512 736-81919

Lagos Office:

Victoria Island, 101241
+234 803 261 3131

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