Dr. Emerie Agunwah

Dr. Emerie Agunwah


Emerie Agunwah is an Innovative Business, Executive and Leadership Coach, and the founder of CEO Round Table – A citadel for CEOs and Business Executives, Emerie Agunwah Foundation, Life Series, Board Space, StateSTRAT and BizVantage.

He is a renowned speaker, business coach and philanthropist who started his career as a business consultant with one of the foremost consulting firms in the southeast region of Nigeria.

His leadership and problem-solving abilities enabled him rise within the organization from the position of intern and consultant assistant to the office of the executive director within two years setting a record within the organization that is yet to be broken till date.

His thought leadership combined with his passion, energy and authenticity on the Cultures and Transformations are UNIQUE and have earned him reviews from every top brand all over the world, Government Parastatals government leaders to corporate and government leaders at every level, and from serial entrepreneurs to start-up’s.

Emerie is part of the growing community of world-renowned leaders providing leadership content through various Seminars, Symposiums and business retreats targeted at improving Methods of Leaders. Emeries’ online Executive Leadership course takes you through the LION’s LAW or LEADERSHIP behaviors that harnesses efforts to identify and utilize change as a paradigm for SUCCESS.